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How we build the puzzle?

For entrepreneurs

We help you bring your ideas to fruition. To achieve this, we supply to the project a team of experts who will study the viability of the project both at the market/long term strategy level and at the technological level. This team will subsequently help your team developing the necessary components that will enhance your idea with Artificial Intelligence.

For investors

Previous to seeing you, we filter the projects based on their viability. Then we carry out a design of AI-based ideas fully customized and with state-of-the-art results for further implementation as well as a training of the in-house AI team. Thus, offering security to those interested in sharing the startup's risk.

1 The entrepreneur has an idea that can be strongly enhanced with AI routines and data analysis. He wants to make it reach the market as soon as possible, surpassing his competitors.

2 We carry out a feasibility study, refine the whole AI strategy and the initial pilot projects, and make it viable through a solution design based on high end AI algorithms.

3 We help the startup contacting the investors, who will fund the development of the solution in exchange for equity.

4 The startup reaches the market much sooner than if it had not trusted us. The results obtained by the models are the main contributions of the process. Moreover, the saved resources in getting a qualified team that can carry them out, which in startup's case, is a silver bullet.

Why With Us?

We’re Creative

We have experience designing and implementing very varied solutions for all types of AI projects. Our team of experts always designs and implements unique solutions that provide high added value.

We’re Fast

Due to our infrastructure, equipment and team, the design and subsequent implementation of the solutions are carried out quickly and efficiently.

We have magic

We tend to base all our solutions on Deep Learning models. This methodology has many advantages over other types of AI algorithms. In particular it is scalable, fast-running and has better results than the vast majority of other algorithms in a large majority of benchmarks.

We support companies and institutions with their AI transformation to solve any-sized problems through our strategic and scientific team. Advising and working together with companies to create Deep Learning based products.


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