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When to use Consulting Services?

Our consulting services are oriented for those companies who want to highly optimize already existing processes or to generate new ones which could not be created without the aid of the new state-of-the-art AI algorithms.We can divide our consulting services into three main types; firstly, designing an AI strategy, helping you create a suitable in-house AI team together with prototyping your projects. Secondly, developing and implementing state-of-the-art, tailored AI algorithms for specific purposes. Lastly, maintenance and supervision services, covering all the aspects related to AI in your company.

Many companies these days want to start in the AI journey but need external guidance to avoid wasting time and resources.

Daivec's method

#1 - Prototyping

Define Objectives
Understanding your final goal is a crucial part for us to work. Consequently we will select the data that will serve to solve the problem.
AI Modelling
Adopting a mixed approach between Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we will model the system that describes your problem to simulate all possible scenarios.
Data Insights
Finally we will expose you the conclusions and insights extracted from the data together with an optimised strategy to solve your problem.

#2 - Deployment

Data ETLs and flow
Design and implement the data flow that goes from extracting and formatting useful inputs to reaching final insights is a crucial step that will impact accuracy levels as well as performance.
Optimizing process speed
Take the process to the optimum point for user experience and accuracy.
Production engines and APIs
Giving access and support to our customers via the desired infrastructure, adapting the previously created algorithms to the customers taste.


Cost Effective

We offer you a competitive range of prices, coherent with your specific needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Availability and Easy Contact

You can contact us to give us with new information of the problem through email, telephone number, or videoconference. At any time!

Technologically Updated

We make sure we are in the loop on a daily basis so we can ensure the highest quality service.

Customised Solutions

We seek for the optimal solution, always contrasting our point of view with you.

We support companies and institutions with their AI transformation to solve any-sized problems through our strategic and scientific team. Advising and working together with companies to create Deep Learning based products.


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