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Many companies are betting on this emerging market to add value to their projects at all levels
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AI and Data Analytics have proven to be a source of potential growth for any market sector because companies can learn from every failed or successful activity.

Which is our market?

Daivec focuses on the study of the most innovative techniques to solve all kinds of complex problems, usually related to data. What data? any kind of data, from images to numeric data, sounds, thermographies, etc. The fact that one can work with any type of data provides great versatility in terms of the sector we can work with.

However, it is true that Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence have influenced more in some of the industrial sectors than in others. In this section we detail, by way of example, a general plot of the AI market and some of the specific sectors in which the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized them and in which we also have experience.

Impacted sectors

The sectors that we will describe below are sectors in which artificial intelligence has had a wide application, adding value to many projects and in which we have experience.

We are specialized in the application of Deep Learning techniques within artificial intelligence, with cutting-edge models for the solution and / or optimization of processes. Keep in mind that many of the applications of Deep Learning in particular and of Arificial Intelligence in general are yet to be discovered.


With the footprint that the consumers leave when surfing the web and their historical data, we design algorithms which turn in more custom-built advertising campaigns, personalized ads in our social media and more accurate product recommendations which always means higher impact.


Autonomous driving is one of the great advances of our time. We customize autonomous driving modes for unmanned aircraft resulting in the automation of tasks that would otherwise be very heavy and expensive


The computing power is one of the keys to the exponential advancement of humanity. We explore new solutions and space hardware designs for software implementation of artificial intelligence models.

Real Estate

A very important sector in our small country is the real estate sector. We intend to help by giving data-based information to both users of our applications and real estate agencies to improve their offers and optimize their resources.

We support companies and institutions with their AI transformation to solve any-sized problems through our strategic and scientific team. Advising and working together with companies to create Deep Learning based products.


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